Comcast and other cable companies are continuing their digital TV migration process.

This process will affect cable TV reception in EyeTV, starting in late 2013.

In most areas of the United States, digital cable channels that were not encrypted (Clear QAM) will become encrypted. This will prevent EyeTVfrom receiving them directly, without using an extra box from your cable company.

This process is also happening with other providers, like Charter, Cox and Time Warner.  The following information applies to all major cable companies, as they are currently finishing up their digital TV migration process.

Digital Transport Adapter

Comcast and other cable companies are nearing the end of their transition from analog to digital cable signals. This transition will affect many customers who are receiving cable signals directly from the wall, with no cable box in between.

Cable companies are turning off a range of channels that are now available via analog cable, or unencrypted digital cable (Clear QAM) – a Digital Transport Adapter (another name for a cable box) will be needed to receive them from now on.

The standard Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) takes in digital signals, and outputs an analog signal.

Comcast FAQ About Transition

For more information about Digital Transport Adapters:

More specifically, Comcast is changing the way that Limited Basic and Expanded Basic channels are accessed.

Before, Limited Basic or Expanded Basic channels may have been accessible via a cable line directly from the wall.

Now, in many markets those same channels will require a DTA or regular cable box to be received.

For more information about Limited Basic and Expanded Basicchannels:

For more information about the Digital TV Migration:

Using a Digital Transport Adapter / Cable Box with EyeTV

If you’re using a Digital Transport Adapter, connected to EyeTV via a coaxial cable, then Auto Tune using “Analog – Antenna”. EyeTV will find the signal on channel 3 or 4.

When using a Digital Transport Adapter, you must change channels manually using the cable box remote.

To configure the TV Guide Program Guide to work with your cable box, see this article:

How do I configure EyeTV for Set Top Box support? (US and Canada) 

Clear QAM Channels Will No Longer Be Available In Most Cities

In many cities, all Clear QAM channels are currently being encrypted, and thus will no longer be available without the use of a DTA or cable box.

You can find out if any Clear QAM channels remain in your area by performing the following steps:

1) If your EyeTV device supports Clear QAM channels, then unplug the Digital Transporter Adapter
2) Attach the coaxial cable directly to EyeTV
3) Auto Tune again
4) Examine your channel list to see if any Clear QAM channels appear

You can use the methods in this article to view each channel, and assign names to the ones that you recognize:

How do I setup Clear QAM channels with EyeTV?

Using EyeTV HD with Digital Cable

EyeTV HD was a good product to use, for customers who are now forced to use a cable box.

However, please note that as of early 2015, EyeTV HD is no longer available for purchase – it has been discontinued.

EyeTV HD can connect to any cable box that offers Component (red, green and blue), Composite or S-Video output. It can let you watch and record any channel that a cable box offers, even the premium ones that you subscribe to.

It also has an Infrared Channel Changer cable (IR Blaster) built in, so it can automatically tell the cable box to change channels.

It can even receive HD signals from any cable box that offers such channels.

The only thing it can’t do is connect to a cable box via a coaxial connection. Therefore, it can’t work with a Digital Transport Adapter.

However, you can rent a higher-end cable box from your cable company that offers more than just coaxial output. Most every cable box besides the free Digital Transport Adapter will work with EyeTV HD.

See this article for more technical specifics about EyeTV HD:

How do I setup EyeTV HD?

Using HDHomeRun Dual with Digital Cable

EyeTV 3 software supports the HDHomeRun Dual or HDHomeRun Connect, which can receive Clear QAM and ATSC signals.

The HDHomeRun Dual or HDHomeRun Connect can’t receive any analog signals, so they can’t work with a cable box or DTA.

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