EyeTV doesn’t support any broadcast flags or other methods of restricting the use of television programs.

Such methods have been encouraged by the television and movie industry – to prevent the recording or sharing of certain shows – but they are not required by law. Legislation does vary country by country, but at the present time there are no such restrictions in the locations where EyeTV is available.

Therefore, EyeTV and other Geniatech software will ignore any flags or other voluntary DRM methods – if you can watch a program, you can record, edit or share it as you see fit.

See this article for more information about broadcast flags:


Pay TV is a separate topic – in some countries you will need to authorize your EyeTV product to receive pay TV, like from satellite. In that case, you will need a CAM and decryption card, to be inserted into the EyeTV hardware. Once EyeTV is authorized to receive the content, you can watch, record, edit or share it as you see fit.

Please be aware that audio is a different story – there are many different DRM systems, and if your audio tracks are from the iTunes store, they are protected by the FairPlay system, which restricts some sharing and copying of files. In some occasions, that may mean that Geniatech products can’t do everything possible with such files.

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