How do I share my EyeTV Archive with others?

If you have more than one EyeTV Archive in your local network, each EyeTV installation can have read-only access to the other libraries.

To use this feature, visit the Sharing section of the Preferences. Check Share my EyeTV Archive – that will make your EyeTV Archive available to other users. Then select the Look for shared EyeTV Archives option. That will let you access the archives of other EyeTV users on your local network (who must have enabled EyeTV Sharing as well.)

How do I access Archives from other Macs?

The EyeTV Programs window has a Shared section. Open it via the triangle, and any shared EyeTV Archives on your local network will be listed. Click one to connect to and browse that library, then double-click on any entry to start watching.

Any shared recordings you watch are not copied to your Mac, just streamed at the original resolution. You cannot edit or erase those recordings ? you have read only access.

Can I watch Live TV via sharing?

At this time, you cannot watch Live TV from another Mac via the Sharing feature. However, you can view a shared recoding already in progress ? just select it to start viewing.

EyeTV Sharing and the Mac OS X 10.5 Firewall

To make EyeTV Sharing work with the Mac OS X 10.5 Firewall, you’ll need to add both the EyeTV application and the EyeConnect service to the Firewall’s list of applications and services that are allowed network access.

EyeTV installs the EyeConnect service here:
/Library/Application Support/EyeConnect/

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