EyeTV 3.0.2 can now export ATSC/NTSC Closed Captions for use on iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV. The Closed Captions are also supported for playback in QuickTime and iTunes.

This is a feature that applies to North America. DVB or teletext subtitles are not exportable at this time.

When an ATSC/NTSC EyeTV recording with Closed Captions is exported from within EyeTV, EyeTV automatically creates a Closed Captions text track.

The Closed Captions will be played back on the iPhone, iPod and Apple TV if Closed Captions have been enabled on the device. Turn on “Show Closed Captioning” in QuickTime Player, or the appropriate “Show Closed Captions When Available” preference on the iPod/iPhone/Apple TV or in iTunes.

When using QuickTime Player, the Closed Captions may not appear when you first play a movie. However, if you rewind the movie after a few seconds of playback, the Closed Captions should appear as expected.

EyeTV will export the last Closed Caption track used in EyeTV. For example, if CC3 captions are used, they will be converted to CC1 captions upon export. Only one Closed Captions track is supported.

It is recommended to have the latest software and firmware updates for QuickTime, iTunes, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV as older versions did not support Closed Captions.

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