Live3G is available from

By default, EyeTV Live3G is set to use 320 kbps (kilobits/sec).

At that rate, which is 40 kilobytes/sec (KB/sec):

Time to transmit 1MB of data: 25 seconds
Data per minute of video: 2.4 MB
Data per hour of video: 144 MB

If you want to choose another setting, then press the gear/wheel icon at the top right corner of the screen to adjust the Live TV Settings.

The Live TV Settings window includes a slider that will let you adjust the bandwidth.

The lowest setting is 80 kbps (10 KB/sec):

Time to transmit 1MB of data: 100 seconds
Data per minute of video: 0.6 MB
Data per hour of video: 36 MB

The highest setting is 800 kbps (100 KB/sec):

Time to transmit 1MB of data: 10 seconds
Data per minute of video: 6.0 MB
Data per hour of video: 360 MB

(All calculations use 1000 KB = 1 MB)

Bandwidth adjustment can be aided by the use of Turbo.264 HD, if it’s connected to your Mac.  Turbo.264 HD allows for adaptive streaming, which will automatically adjust the quality as needed (depending on the speed of your internet connection).

Please note that using Turbo.264 HD won’t lower your overall bandwidth use – it will just switch between the various bitrates automatically, depending on your network connectivity, without you having to visit the settings and use the slider.  It will tend to use the best possible quality for your connection.

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