Usually, “Capture Could Not Be Started” with an error of -35 means that there is some corruption in your Live TV buffer. The error code can be from -34 to -36, or -5000, but usually is -35. This is preventing Live TV playback.

For EyeTV 1 users, erase the “ffffffffffffffff” folder in your EyeTV Archive. Then, in the Recording part of the EyeTV Preferences, set the Live TV buffer to 20MB, and to reside in RAM. Restart EyeTV, and the problem should be solved. At that point, you could change the buffer back to your preferred settings.

For EyeTV 2 and 3 users, erase the “Live TV Buffer.eyetv” package.

Your EyeTV Archive can be found in your Library folder (EyeTV 1), Documents folder (EyeTV 2), or via the settings in the EyeTV Preferences > Recording section.

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