You need to run the EyeTV Setup Assistant to setup your TV Guide account. From the EyeTV menu choose “EyeTV Setup Assistant” You will see the Setup Assistant. You can skip most of the steps – but choose your Country and device correctly. After your activation code and device setup pages, click Next you should see a page that is called “Register with TV Guide”.

Click on the “Create Account” button here. A “Create Your TV Guide Account” sheet will appear. Fill out the form – this is where you create your account name based on your email address for the program guide. You also create your password here. When you are finished filling out the form, click “Create Account”. Then click “Next”. You should be on the “TV Guide Account Information” page of the Setup Assistant. You should see your Account name, and if everything went well it will say “Active until [Today’s Date], 2011”.

Then you should complete the Setup Assistant. When you Auto-Tune, you will be asked for your Postal or Zip Code. Based on that information, you choose the Channel service in your area and you download the channel names and IDs. The downloading of the EPG should automatically begin after this; depending on your Internet connection, it might take up to 30 minutes or so to completely download the data (usually about 30MB). You should let EyeTV finish the download. After that initial setup, we download only about 4 MB of data each day.

This account is not in any way related to the account at’s site.

If you have already completed these steps in signing up for TV Guide and have lost, or cannot remember your password, please use the following link to reset your password:

TV Guide Password Reset Tool (

Passwords cannot be recovered, only reset.

If you need support regarding your EyeTV product please do not hesitate to contact us following this link.

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