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If your power manager Events are being scheduled but the recordings are still not taking place, there could be a problem with the Mac’s power manager, or some other setting that is preventing EyeTV from activating.


If the Mac does not wake from sleep, or power on at the expected time, try resetting the Mac’s Power Manager. The instructions for resetting the power manager vary by mac model. For older G4 systems, the power manager is part of the PMU For newer Intel Macs, it is part of the SMC. Instructions for resetting the PMU, or SMC can be found at Apple’s support site: http://support.apple.com/

Below are links for resetting the PMU or SMC for most Mac models:

Intel-based Macs

* MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
Mac Pro
iMac, Mac mini

PowerPC-based Macs

iBook, PowerBook
PowerMac G5
Mac Mini

If EyeTV is not activating after your mac wakes, there might be a problem with the EyeTV preferences, or the installation of EyeTV itself. Also, security features such as the Mac OS X Login screen, or “Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver” may prevent EyeTV from activating and completing scheduled recordings.

Delete EyeTV Preferences

You should also try to erase the four EyeTV Preference files, using the EyeTV Reporter application.

If you erase the EyeTV preference files, then any activation key you may have will need to be re-entered. Don’t erase the preference files unless you have the activation key in hand.

You can download and find instructions for EyeTV Reporter here:

How do I use the EyeTV Reporter utility?

After you erase them and restart EyeTV, then you’ll have to re Auto Tune via the Setup Assistant, or the Setup part of the EyeTV Preferences.

Reinstall EyeTV

Try uninstalling EyeTV and reinstalling from your CD. EyeTV uses a number of support components which are not part of the EyeTV application itself. Click here for an FAQ article that outlines how to fully uninstall EyeTV from your Mac.

If you need support regarding your EyeTV product please do not hesitate to contact us following this link.

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