There are many freeware and shareware programs that work well with EyeTV, adding powerful new capabilities.

You can go to or , and search for “eyetv” to find the almost complete list.

Elgato Support is unable to warrant the functionality of these 3rd party applications – please contact their developers if you have any problems using them with EyeTV.

Applications That Work With EyeTV


An alarm clock for OS X that can play EyeTV content.


Catalog EyeTV recordings, and all of the rest of your media.


CyTV is a streaming solution for EyeTV. It allows you to watch TV and recorded programs over a local network (wired or wireless) or the internet. You can pause and resume live TV on the client (“timeshift”), and you can also change channels remotely.


DVDpedia lets you retrieve information about your movies, both VHS and DVD, from various sites on the Internet.  Just drag your .eyetv files over the DVDpedia icon to import them.

EyeTV Channel Changer:

ChannelChanger allows you to change channel on a DirecTV STB (satellite box) or a FireWire STB (cable box).



ETVComskip is a Mac OS X port of comskip (, along with programs to have comskip interoperate with EyeTV. These programs allow users of EyeTV to enjoy commercial-free recorded television.


EyeControl allows you to remotely program your EyeTV from any networked Mac – on a local network or across the internet. View your recorded programmes – conveniently grouped and expandable by title, along with other features.

EyeTV Remote:

EyeTV Remote is a freeware program that allows you to control EyeTV remotely, as long as you know the IP address of the computer that it’s on.


“A Swiss Army Knife for EyeTV”, that acts as an alternative interface with extra features.

Plex Media Center:

Mac Media Center software, in various stages of development, that can access EyeTV content as well as other media on your Mac. Think of software like Front Row, with EyeTV support and many other features.

Mac OS X FireWire Channel Changer for EyeTV:

Control many cable boxes via EyeTV, a FireWire cable running from your Mac to the cable box, and this application.


Import EyeTV recordings and change them to other formats.  Merge multiple DVD-Video folders onto a single compilation DVD with as much as 4 hours of personal videos or EyeTV recordings


This plugin allows access to EyeTV from within Front Row on Leopard, adding a EyeTV item to Front Row’s top level menu.

Remote Buddy:

Control more than 100 applications, virtual keyboard and mouse, presentations, media center software and important system settings right from your iPhone™, iPod® Touch, your Apple® Remote or one of the many other remote controls supported by Remote Buddy.

Salling Clicker:

Software for cell phones and PDAs to remotely control your Mac, including EyeTV. Enjoy music, watch DVD movies or TV (with EyeTV) on your computer without ever leaving your couch. When used with a phone events capable phone, Salling Clicker will pause the player when you receive a phone call.

Toast Titanium:

Disc authoring and burning software with extensive EyeTV support. Drag and drop EyeTV recordings directly into Toast for the easiest DVD creation now possible.

Turbo.264 HD:

Drag and drop any EyeTV file into the application and quickly convert it to a high-quality H.264 file in standard or HD resolutions. H.264 video is a universal format that can be played on iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, gaming consoles, selected smartphones, and on the web.  When used with EyeTV, the Turbo.264 HD speeds up the preparation of recordings for playback in the EyeTV iPhone app, and enables adaptive streaming for higher quality live TV streaming.


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