Scheduling a recording from the Smart Guide is very much like working with the Program Guide. Click on an entry to find out more about that program, or to use the Add Schedule button. You can also choose to record it by pressing the pink circle underneath the name of each item in the Smart Guide.
Press the Options button if you would like your Smart Guide to automatically Record All Matches of the programs that it finds. You have the option to add these recordings to a certain playlist, or to export them to iTunes, in the iPod, iPhone or Apple TV formats. You can also let EyeTV create the corresponding Smart Playlist that will contain the recorded programs.
Finally, you can tell EyeTV to keep only a certain number of recordings. You may be recording 10 items each week using a Smart Guide, but if you select Keep 5 shows, then only the last 5 recordings for that Smart Guide will be saved – the rest will be deleted. This will let you give a rough limit for how much hard drive space each Smart Guide will use for recordings.
To save a specific recording from being automatically deleted, highlight it in the EyeTV Programs window, then click the Action menu (that looks like a gear) and select Keep Recording.

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