These are the keyboard shortcuts for EyeTV 3.1.  Earlier versions of the software may have slightly different commands.

The “Command” key is also known as the “Apple” key, and has a symbol similar to a cloverleaf.

File Menu
New PlaylistCommand-N
New Favorite ChannelsCommand-Option-N
Open Live TV WindowCommand–O
Open QuickTime MovieCommand–Shift–O
Close WindowCommand–W
Show InfoCommand–I
Show Stream InfoOption-Command–I
Go To Built-In GuideCommand-G
Go To Online GuideShift-Command-G
Edit Menu
Snapshot to ClipboardCommand–C
Snapshot to DesktopCommand–Shift–C
View Menu
Small SizeCommand–1
Half SizeCommand–2
Normal SizeCommand–3
Maximum SizeCommand–4
Enter Full ScreenCommand–0
Open MenuCommand–Esc
Keep Player Windows On TopOption-Command-F
Aspect Ratio: AutomaticCommand–Option-0
Aspect Ratio: 4:3Command–Option-1
Aspect Ratio: 14:9Command–Option-2
Aspect Ratio: 16:9Command–Option-3
Aspect Ratio: WideCommand–Option-4
Aspect Ratio: CycleCommand–Option-5
Closed CaptionsControl–Shift–C
Picture in Picture (On/Off)Control–Shift–P
Picture in Picture (Rotate)Control–Shift–R
Picture in Picture (Swap)Control–Shift–S
Picture in Picture (Focus)Control–Shift–F
Open EditorOption–E
Audio Menu
Volume UpCommand-Up Arrow
Volume DownCommand-Down Arrow
Controls Menu
Play/PauseSpace bar
Fast ForwardCommand-→ (right arrow) (hold down)
Single Frame ForwardOption-→ (right arrow) (tap once)
Slow ForwardCommand–Option-→ (right arrow)
Fast BackwardCommand-← (left arrow) (hold down)
Single Frame BackwardOption-← (left arrow) (tap once)
Slow BackwardCommand–Option-← (left arrow)
Jump Forward→ (right arrow)
Instant Replay← (left arrow)
Custom Jump ForwardShift-→ (right arrow)
Custom Jump BackwardShift-← (left arrow)
Go To LiveCommand–L
Channel Up+
Channel Down
Last ChannelCommand–Shift–L
Start/Stop RecordingCommand-R
Tuner InputControl–T
Composite Video InputControl–V
S-Video InputControl–S
Game ModeControl-G
Window Menu
Show/Hide ControllerControl-C
Show/Hide Programs WindowControl-P
Delete A Marker⌫ (Delete)
Skip to next thumbnail to the right→ (right arrow)
Skip to next thumbnail to the left← (left arrow)
Select the next marker⇥ (Tab)
Select the previous marker⇪⇥ (Shift-tab)
Set a new marker↩ (Return)
Press the Compact button⇪C (Shift-C)
Switch to Fine⇪F (Shift-C)
Switch to Normal⇪N (Shift-N)
Toggle between Normal and Fine⇪M (Shift-M)
On Screen Menu
MoveArrow Keys
Select↩ (Return)


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